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Fresh Shytown Sugar Film News…

SHYTOWN has a YOUTUBE Channel! Check it out here:


We envisioned and we completed.

We filmed our proof at The Bunker soundstage on the southside of Chicago on March 27th and 28th!

Currently, we are working with Grace Pisula from and Cait Rappel for Sound Design.

We envision the completed project by the end of May 2021.

However, our GFM will stay live as we continue to raise funds for postproduction (Editing, colorization and sound design)

Thank you and much puppet love to all that have support us, so far!

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Bartholomew (or “Barth” for short) and Iris

Introducing “At The Garden”
“At the Garden” is our concept for a children’s television program that turns every teachable moment into a useful skill children can use to engage with
the real world. 

What makes “At The Garden” different from other children’s tv shows is that our team of educators and artists have designed a specific curriculum to address the
unique issues our children are facing today.

A Children’s Educational TV show concept to address the missing links in
remote and hybrid learning.

“At The Garden” has engaging puppets and diverse, multi-generational adults with real problems, high quality books read aloud, social emotional based episodes, original music and a curriculum featuring the Earth and sustainability.

Thank you to The Night Ministry for featuring our film, “Vince: The Punctual Vagrant” on 1/26/2021 for a virtual fundraiser.

“Oliver Tibbold” short film

Logline: “An elderly man is forced to face reality when it slaps him in the face.”

Short film completed January 16th, 2021.

“Oliver”is beginning the Film Festival circuit.

Trailer coming soon.

Click here to stream the Vince film

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or instagram for updates @vincethepunctualvagrant

The homeless do not have a home to self-isolate or quarantine.  As restaurants close and the fortunate are home-bound, many opportunities for panhandling and leftover food from restaurants is not an option.  If you are able please donate to The Night Ministry at
 click the donate now button and select primary reason: “Inspired by Vince the movie”

Vince at work on his masterpiece

Logline: Vince, an artistic homeless man with a penchant for punctuality, creates a piece which may help re-kindle a
long-lost connection.

Want to host as screening to have a dialogue and raise money in the future?
Complete our HOST INQUIRY SURVEY here and we will be in contact with you.

“Vince: The Punctual Vagrant” was written in December 2017. Actors signed on as early as September 2018 and preproduction began in May of 2019. We shot five days with only one inside location. Written & Directed by Sarah Falkiner, Director of Photography: Adam Adamus.
Lead Actors: Mike Green, Arch Harmon and Adria Dawn.

Mike Green, aka “Vince” wrote and performed this heartfelt song, “Come”.

If you don’t help….who will?

Wanna learn more? Be involved?

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In the meantime, reach out to me, Sarah Falkiner with any questions at
Because why NOT?