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“Co-Vid 19”

#SNL Homage w/ LOVE

2 filmmakers makin’ an idea happen during Covid

“Bad Hand”

Logline: Monty, a perpetual down-on-his-luck hooligan tries to outsmart the Big Boys with not so stellar results.

Latest: Currently in film festival run.
Shot in January 2019. Directed by Lomai, Written by Sarah Falkiner and DP and Produced by Anderson Castilho. Lead Actors: Jared Ellis and Walt Sloan. Completed in April 2019.


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Logline: A woman encounters sexism and racial stereotypes all on her daily commute only to discover her own faulty judgement is wrong.

Written & Directed by Sarah Falkiner, Director of Photography: Adam Adamus. Lead Actors: Sarah Kopp and Arch Harmon. Completed in September 2018
According to one male filmmaker “I never realized how women feel so…objectified”.

“Grey Area”

Logline: a time traveler named Nica 4256 returns from the Not So Distant Future to warn us of dire consequences if we don’t listen to others with opposing political views.

Wrote in February 2018 and shot in July 2018 with zero budget and good intentions. Written & Directed by Sarah Falkiner, Director of Photography Jamel “Cos-g” Hewitt and 1st Camera Adam Adamus. Lead Actress: Seandrea Earls.
Completed in January 2019


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Logline: A recently divorced women finds herself in a compromising position.

Written & Directed by Sarah Falkiner, Director of Photography: Anthony Barnes and Lead actress Seandrea Earls.