Want to Help?

1. Take a Virtual Tour of
The Night Ministry’s Health Outreach Bus!

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Tour The Night Ministry’s program from the comfort of home! In a live, virtual tour, you will see inside their Health Outreach and Youth Shelter Programs via video, and have an opportunity to ask staff your own questions. The Night Ministry’s staff hope to “meet” you online! Contact Bethany Collins at 773-506-6006 or bethanyc@thenightministry.org for upcoming tour dates and to sign up.

or Click here to make a $ donation to The Night Ministry, a Chicago-based NFP.

Please select: “Inspired by Vince the Movie” in the primary reason for giving.
The Night Ministry has a unique program that includes a Health Outreach Bus and a Street Medicine Program. Donate in the name of Vince and your contribution will
go directly to those specific programs. Learn more here.

The Night Ministry is a NFP Organization that has a strong track record of helping folks on the street with their Health Outreach Bus and Street Medicine Program.

2. Buy Teresa’s zine:
“Quirks, Perks and Peculiarities
of Panhandling”
for $5

“Every thought you have ever had about panhandling-throw it out the window. So many people have preconceived notions and it is all wrong.” -Teresa Sigerson

About the Author…Teresa Sigerson was homeless for ten years. She lived under the Belmont/Kedzie encampment in Chicago along with 19 other people. Fortunately, she is now housed with help from The Night Ministry and Heartland Alliance. Unfortunately those 18 other people are still there.

Email sfalkiner7@gmail.com to electronically pay for your $5 zine and provide your shipping address. All sales will go to Teresa directly.

Sarah Falkiner (filmmaker) and Teresa Sigerson (author)

3. Share “Vince: The Punctual Vagrant” with others and complete our questionnaire.

Take a few minutes and tell us about your experiences with homeless in your community.
We will post your responses on our site as we share perspectives. Click here for the 4 question survey.

Actor Arch Harmon “George” and Mike Green “Vince”

4. If you can’t give $, you can still help. Click here to learn about In-Kind donations to The Night Ministry during CoVid 19.

Face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, certain types of food or grocery gift certificates are all ways you can give.

5. “In Kind” Donations to Sarah’s Circle, a Chicago NFP

Sarah’s Circle provides a full continuum of services for women, including housing, life necessities, and supportive services to help them permanently end their homelessness. During CoVid-19,  if you have items you’d like to donate, please either mail them or hold onto them until we announce we are able to accept them as usual. We ARE still accepting needed items off our Amazon Wishlist as these are sent directly to our facility. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions. 

If you or a group you’re involved with would like to organize a donation drive on our behalf, please contact us, so that we can effectively coordinate the donations being collected. 

We throw away so much…How can we throw away people?

6. Be Hospitable: Show Empathy – Say “Hi” with a smile.

Homelessness is extremely isolating. Just saying “hello” and smiling can encourage a person – even make their day.

A smile or a nod can help brighten someone’s day.

7.  Give Something Tangible:

Coffee, meal, gift card, carry blessing bags in your car. I have seen folks keep zip-lock bags in their cars full of socks, tooth paste/brushes, sunscreen, water, energy bars, bus tickets. Your gift of kindness gives both something tangible as well as intangible – hope, love and encouragement.