How can we help those without homes?

1. Volunteer your time

Visit The Night Ministry website for Individual and Group Volunteer opportunities

The Night Ministry has a strong track record of helping folks on the street with their Health Outreach Bus and Street Medicine Program.

Visit Sarah’s Circle, which provides a full continuum of services for women…

including housing, life necessities, and supportive services, to help them permanently end their homelessness. They also offer individual and group volunteer opportunities.

2. Buy Teresa’s zine:
“Quirks, Perks & Peculiarities of Panhandling”

About the Author…Teresa Sigerson was homeless for ten years. She lived under the Belmont/Kedzie encampment in Chicago along with 19 other people. Fortunately, she is now housed with help from The Night Ministry and Heartland Alliance. Unfortunately those 18 other people are still there.

Email to electronically pay for your $5 zine and provide your shipping address. All sales will go to Teresa directly.

Sarah Falkiner (filmmaker) and Teresa Sigerson (author)

3. Share “Vince: The Punctual Vagrant” with others and complete our questionnaire.

Take a few minutes and tell us about your experiences and response to Vince: The Punctual Vagrant.
We will post your responses on our site as we share perspectives.
Click here for the 4 question survey.

Actor Arch Harmon “George” and Mike Green “Vince”

4. In-kind is another way to help.

Sarah’s Circle website has a wish list of items needed.

Food utensils, face masks, hand sanitizer, cough drops, pain medication, disinfectant wipes, hand warmers, multivitamins, sewing kit, clean socks and underwear are some of the items you can purchase that will go directly to Sarah’s Circle.

5. Say “Hi” with a smile and make eye contact.

Homelessness is extremely isolating. Just saying “hello” and smiling can encourage a person – even make their day.

A smile or a nod can help brighten someone’s day.

6.  Have cash or something small
in your car for those moments you see someone in need.

Carry singles in cash or small “blessing bags” in your car. This can be clean socks, toothbrush, hand warmers, hats, gloves, even $5 bus cards, water bottle, energy bar can go a long way. Your gift of kindness gives both something tangible as well as intangible – hope, love and encouragement.