At The Garden

“At the garden, a group of diverse creatives come together to instruct children and puppets with books, songs and teachable moments set to live music.”

What is “At The Garden”?

At the Garden can be every and any neighborhood garden. 

It is located in a busy urban area, but provides a sanctuary for the children and adults in the community.  These adults, puppets and children visitors take on important topics that matter today more than ever with a strong focus on promoting literacy.
Our garden contains a mix of real fauna and creatively engineered talking plants, singing flowers and large paper mache trees coupled with the technology using LED screens. All materials related to production are repurposed, recycled and engineered in an earth-friendly and supply-conscious way.

Where are we now?

Planning for a shoot at the end of March 2021 to further illustrate our concept on a soundstage to showcase our unique idea. Stay tuned for more information!