“At The Garden”

A children’s education television show to address learning loss due to pandemic.

Logline: “A diverse crew of puppets and adults grow together as they read books, solve problems, sing songs and explore nature and sustainability while At The Garden.”

Imagine Reading Rainbow meets Mr. Rogers with the fun aesthetic of Pee Wee’s Playhouse.


“Now more than every before young children need:
-Rich examples of socialization and problem-solving skills
-Opportunities to hear high quality books that are windows into their worlds
-Exciting vocabulary with print rich environments.
At The Garden will do all of that and much more!”

Sarah Falkiner (show creator) is a young childhood educator with 16 years experience within Chicago Public Schools and the founder of Shytown Sugar Films, LLC”


  hours  minutes  seconds


GoFundMe goes live!

We need YOU!
A great idea isn’t enough. 
We must show our concept in a short promo video that will show our vision for the professional powers that control television and the money to make At The Garden a  regular television show. 

It isn’t cheap and we need to raise 10k for the following:


  • Professional camera and lighting equipment
  • Sound equipment
  • Production Insurance
  • Sound Stage rental
  • Technology for Volumatric projector/renderings
  • Set Designer, Art Department and materials
  • Stipends for Actors and Puppeteers
  • Stipends for Crew
  • 2 days of catering
  • Covid Safety supplies/compliance
  • Post Production editing and sound costs


What is “At The Garden”?

At the Garden can be every and any neighborhood garden. 

It is located in a busy urban area, but provides a sanctuary for the children and adults in the community.  These adults, puppets and children visitors take on important topics that matter today more than ever with a strong focus on promoting literacy.
Our garden contains a mix of real fauna and creatively engineered talking plants, singing flowers and large paper mache trees coupled with the technology using LED screens. All materials related to production are repurposed, recycled and engineered in an earth-friendly and supply-conscious way.

Where are we now?

Preparing to launch our Go Fund Me page and get this promo video filmed so we can pitch to the powers that be!

The initial concept video (Sept 2020)