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We sold out for the 3/21/23 at the Davis Theater for CIFN Chicago Indie Film Night!

Shytown and 21H2 hosts an evening celebrating the work of local Chicago filmmakers-you will laugh, cry and cheer as we present some of Chicago’s homegrown talent!

The event will also function as the premiere of the short film Thirty Days, written, produced and starring Sarah Kopp and directed by Lomai. The dramedy also stars Robin Coffin, Natalie Younger, and Mickey O’Sullivan, and takes a humorous yet sobering look at alcohol addiction recovery.

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A Recap Reel from “Vince: The Punctual Vagrant Screening” that raised $465
to help those in need.

A drop in the bucket, but thoughtfulness served with a smile can help all of us.

Vince: The Punctual Vagrant Screening
Saturday 1/28/2023
@ Ms Ella’s Healing Kitchen

Shytown Sugar Films is proud to present a screening of Vince the Punctual Vagrant, George and the Tarleton/Dawn production Architecture. These 3 films use narrative storytelling to bring empathy and awareness to the many complicated issues that surround those without homes.

The evening will take place at Ms. Ella’s Healing Kitchen, a holistic pop up store located at 4718 N. Kedzie Avenue (metered street parking or easy access from Brown line Kedzie stop) All ticket sales will go towards buying large quantities of socks and hand warmers to be distributed to those in need. Seating is limited (25) so reserve your ticket today.

Evening line up:
7-7:20pm Live music
William Jason Raynovich (electric cello)
Chloe Rae Ward (vocalist)
Mike Green (vocalist)

7:20-8pm Short film block
George (Shytown Sugar Films)
Architecture (Tarleton/Dawn Productions)
Vince: The Punctual Vagrant (Shytown Sugar Films)

8-9:00pm. Talk back with filmmakers & conversation about ways to support those in need

$20 suggested donation will go towards purchasing socks and hand warmers to be distributed to those in need. CLICK HERE for tickets

Post-racial? Yeah, right.
Film screening w/ discourse on 12/17/2022

A look back at our latest event


“Loved the open dialogue and so appreciate seeing the work”

“the possibility for connection was inspirational”

“People opening about their real life experiences in relation to some of their films. It was a comfortable way to discuss uncomfortable subject matter” 

“The different black experiences, the different points of view, because although racism is universal, each person has a different story.”

Washed Up short film

Logline: Two comedians in their twilight years unexpectedly reunite amidst dirty dishes after taking very different life journeys.
Currently in post production-expect to be complete in early 2023Screen grabs below

Starring: John McDonnell, Debbie Sue Goodman, Rani Young, Mike Dunbar & Joe Rosing
Directed & Written by: Sarah Falkiner
DP: Kurt Long

WHITE FEMALE short film (2022)

Logline: One conversation between two women with one problem.   If you don’t see color, how will you see?

Starring: Senyah Haynes
Co-written, co-produced: Sarah Falkiner & Senyah Haynes
Directed by: Sarah Falkiner
DP: Jamel Hewitt

“This short film is the most important I have directed so far.  Based on real life, this film works to heal trauma while underscoring critical issues people often don’t want to discuss.  

Senyah Haynes (lead actress) and I, co-wrote and co-produced “White Female” with the hope to raise questions and emotions, while creating illumination and dialogue. White Female showcases one conversation between two women with one problem. 

If you don’t see color, how will you see?”
-Sarah Falkiner

Interested in doing a screening for educational purposes with discourse?
Reach out:

Fascinating Audience Feedback from 2022 Chicago Wild Feedback competition

Click here for BTS White Female reel of production pics
Music: 21H2She Don’t Love Me (America)” Feat. Bianca B. Black

Take a look back at our #BELONGING Event 8/18/22

A night to get you thinking about what
“diversity” really means.
Live performance, music, comedy and more.

Currently we are awaiting to hear about a grant application that would allow us to do four #Belonging events. Stay tuned for more information….

IN THE MEANTIME: Check out the 8 episode podcast “Belonging”. This work was a huge inspiration for the #Belonging event. This is a podcast about reckoning, reconciliation, and rebuilding. Join us in the work that desperately needs to be done.

Oliver Tibbold short film (2021)

Logline: “An elderly man is forced to face reality when it slaps him in the face.”

CLICK here to watch Oliver Tibbold

Starring: Arch Harmon, Senyah Haynes
Directed & Written by: Sarah Falkiner
DP: Adam Adamus

OLIVER TIBBOLD 4/5 stars on Think Shorts! READ REVIEW HERE

Click here to stream
Vince: The Punctual Vagrant

Logline: Vince, an artistic homeless man with a penchant for punctuality, creates a piece which may help re-kindle a long-lost connection.

The homeless do not have a home to self-isolate or quarantine.  As restaurants close and the fortunate are home-bound, many opportunities for panhandling and leftover food from restaurants is not an option.  If you are able please donate to The Night Ministry at
 click the donate now button and select primary reason: “Inspired by Vince the movie”

Thank you to The Night Ministry for featuring our film, “Vince: The Punctual Vagrant” on 1/26/2021 for a virtual fundraiser.

Interested in hosting a screening to have dialogue and raise money for any organization that assists people find housing? Reach out:

Vince at work on his masterpiece

“Vince: The Punctual Vagrant” was written in December 2017. Actors signed on as early as September 2018 and preproduction began in May of 2019. We shot five days with only one inside location. Written & Directed by Sarah Falkiner, Director of Photography: Adam Adamus.
Lead Actors: Mike Green, Arch Harmon and Adria Dawn.

Mike Green, aka “Vince” wrote and performed this heartfelt song, “Come” and we put it with a video of BTS photos.

If you don’t help….who will?

At The Garden (children’s tv show concept)

Logline: A concept for a children’s television program that turns every teachable moment into a useful skill children can use to engage with
the real world. 

A Children’s Educational TV show concept to address the missing links in
remote and hybrid learning.

“At The Garden” has engaging puppets and diverse, multi-generational adults with real problems, high quality books read aloud, social emotional based episodes, original music and a curriculum featuring the Earth and sustainability.

What makes “At The Garden” different from other children’s tv shows is that our team of educators and artists have designed a specific curriculum to address the
unique issues our children are facing today.

Concept: Sarah Falkiner, Writers: Sarah Falkiner, Sivan Spector, Jackie Smook, Tommy Sigmon & Senyah Haynes, Original Music by Ben Astrachan, Puppets created by Oddbox Theater, DP: Jessica Tolliver, Co-Produced by Sarah Falkiner & Grace Pisula (Gold Point Studio)

Interested in purchasing the concept? contact Purple Cinema to view our completed promo.


We envisioned and we completed. We filmed our proof at The Bunker soundstage on the southside of Chicago on March 27th and 28th! Thank you to all that helped. Our post production was finished in early September 2021, thanks to Grace Pisula from Gold Point Studio and Cait Rappel for post Sound Design.

At the Garden Facebook page

At The Garden Instagram page

or our TikTok Atthegardentvshow channel

Bartholomew (or “Barth” for short) and Iris

Cermak Cinema film party!

Film party in a warehouse to celebrate shorts of all nature and genres

We held a film festival aimed at shorts, music vids, animations, etc for Chicago Indie filmmakers…only rules-not over 10 minutes!

A funky collab in an industrial loft in the heart of Chicago, we put together a bar, music and an hour and a half of fun shorts.

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